Jazz Players & Singers! Seats available in Jazz Orchestra for instrumentalists and vocalists

MUSC457:  Jazz Orchestra I Tues. & Thurs. 1:20-2:40 p.m., RHH001 Seats are available in this course conducted by internationally-renowned vibraphonist,  Jay Hoggard.  Instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels can be accommodated.  Contact Professor Hoggard at jhoggard@wesleyan.edu. Check out jazz orchestra’s website:  http://www.wesleyan.edu/music/ensembles/jazz_orchestra.html  

Graphic Design Course–seats available!

Graphic Design, ARST 442, has seven unfilled seats!! This course is usually filled to overflowing, with many turned away. It has no pre-requisites and is being taught by Julie Fry, a superb typographer and book designer. https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?stuid=&facid=NONE&crse=010224&term=1179  

Dive into Settler Colonial Studies & Native American History– Seats in American Studies FYS course

 Check out this new course in AMST, which has seats available. Here is the info: AMST 150: Indigenous Middletown: Native Histories of the Wangunk Indian People  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:20-11:40am in CAMS 1 This is a writing intensive course in which students will be introduced to the new field of settler colonial studies, the … Read moreDive into Settler Colonial Studies & Native American History– Seats in American Studies FYS course

Archeology Course open to first-years!

There are spaces available in ANTH/ARCP314 “How to Think Like an Archaeologist.”  While this course has a 300-level designation, it has been retooled and opened to first-years, although this did not happen in time for summer pre-registration. Any first-year (or any other students) are welcome.

New Courses with Seats!

RELI216: Jesus through Jewish Eyes is a FYS. It allows students to gain knowledge and appreciation of the complex relation between the Jewish and Christian traditions. Alongside developing academic writing skills, this course also lets students experiment with the analysis of visual representations (https://iasext.wesleyan.edu/regprod/!wesmaps_page.html?stuid=&facid=NONE&crse=015029&term=1179). RELI272: Thinking after the Holocaust. is a more advanced seminar, designed … Read moreNew Courses with Seats!

Course with Seats: MUSC 109–Experimental Music

Introduction to Experimental Music (MUSC 109) Fall 2017; Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2:50 p.m. – 4:10 p.m., RHH 003 This course is a survey of recent and historical electronic and instrumental experimental works, with emphasis on the works of American composers. Starting with early experimentalists, germinal works of John Cage and Henry Cowell, Earle Brown, Christian … Read moreCourse with Seats: MUSC 109–Experimental Music

Seats Available in FYS Course: Ethnicity, Race & Religion in the Middle Ages

Why does some characters’ skin change color in medieval romances? What did Ghenghis Khan’s family think about Europeans? And why do US white supremacist groups wear symbols from the twelfth-century crusade era? These are all different kinds of questions, but we address them in: English 153, “Ethnicity, Race, and Religion in the Middle Ages.” Professor … Read moreSeats Available in FYS Course: Ethnicity, Race & Religion in the Middle Ages

New Course Added: Musical Theater Workshop–THEA 279

There’s a great opportunity in the upcoming semester (F 2017) for students interested in making musical theater.   Please note that there are prerequisites, but prerequisite over-rides may be available for students who have the appropriate skill set.  This can be done during the Adjustment period or Drop/Add period after consulting with the instructor. Tony and … Read moreNew Course Added: Musical Theater Workshop–THEA 279

Study Abroad, Cultural Immersion, and Language Courses

A warm welcome to Wesleyan from the Office of Study Abroad, located in the Fries Center for Global Studies. Wesleyan considers study abroad to be an essential part of a liberal arts education for students majoring in any subject. A meaningful cross-cultural experience sharpens our understanding of ourselves in relation to the world in which we live. It … Read moreStudy Abroad, Cultural Immersion, and Language Courses