Additional Closing Information

Please note the following corrections to the information from the sustainability office in the email you recently received about closing.

1. The mention to remove all your belongings was incorrect. Students who are returning to the same assignment do not need to remove everything, although it does need to be neatly put away in dressers/drawers/closets.

2. Composting: Students who are returning to campus next semester should empty their bucket or jar in the nearest black bin, wash it out, and leave it slightly ajar in their residence or on a covered porch, if they have one. Students who are not returning can leave their bin next to an outdoor black bin to be picked up. Students in dorms who are not returning can leave their emptied and washed compost jars next to the compost bin in the building.

Please also note that all computer labs, with the exception of ST lab and HAS lab, have been closed until February. ST lab and HAS lab are open, at their reduced COVID capacities, 24/7.

Remember to check the Residential Life website for additional information about preparing to leave campus and to TURN IN YOUR KEYS.