Updates to Dean’s List for Spring 2020 DELAYED

Good afternoon,

This is a quick note about pending updates to the Dean’s List for Spring 2020. New additions to the Dean’s List were calculated and scheduled to be added manually to the roster by September 30th. Unfortunately, there were unanticipated delays, but they should be resolved soon.

I’ve provided the amended policy/guidelines for review in case you have any lingering questions about eligibility. Note: these amended guidelines are only applicable to the Spring 2020 semester.

Students who earn a semester GPA of 93.350 or better will be named to the Dean’s List and will have a permanent transcript notation of this achievement. To be eligible, a student must have earned the GPA on at least 2.0 letter-graded credits at Wesleyan during the Spring 2020 semester and have no unsatisfactory or failing grades. Students with incomplete grades or outstanding credit will be evaluated after the grade and/or credit is posted to the Wesleyan transcript and, if eligible then, they will be added retroactively to the appropriate semester’s list. 

Many thanks again for your patience, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Take gentle care,

Dean Leathers