Planning Gatherings & Room Reservations

This is a reposted message from SALD sent on November 6th.

Greetings students,

As a follow up to the email from Dean Culliton, there are a limited number of indoor spaces that can be reserved for groups of ten or less, and in addition, as of next week, the academic tents.  Reservations must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance via Room Request, which can be found on your WesPortal.  If you are unfamiliar on how to reserve spaces, information and a video tutorial can be found on the Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) website.  Events may not be open invitations, nor advertised on social media. In person events may occur on Foss Hill by completing the Foss Hill Events Form in WesNest.

Note that all spaces will be used as is, and additional furniture or services cannot be added.  Please also keep in mind that the amended student event policy and Covid Guidelines / Agreement still apply.

Lounges in residence halls and program houses are not available for reservation, as it is the only place within their residence that students may interact with more than one person.  Woodframe residents will received additional information regarding use of their backyards, which is also limited to ten individuals.  

Please contact with questions regarding room reservations and student event planning. 


Student Activities and Leadership Development