Reminder: Housing Closes on 11/25 at 12:00 PM, EST

This a repost of the message sent to students by Kieran Duffy on November 19th.

Good Evening,

As a reminder, housing is closing on 11/25/20 at 12:00 PM (EST). Residential Life staff will begin checking spaces on campus starting at 10:00 am that morning. Please be advised that you should plan on completing the closing checklist for your space prior to leaving campus.

Students must return keys prior to leaving campus and by 11/25 at 12:00 pm unless approved for a petition request to remain on campus past that date and time. Keys may be deposited in the key drop boxes located around campus at the following locations: Outside of North College, Exeley Science Center Parking Lot (Lawn Avenue side), and Admissions Parking Lot. Please review the closing information on our website if you have not already done so: Residential Life Closing Info Page.

Please be prepared for staff to be in the buildings, ensure that you are wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing while walking through the hallway.

The Resource Center will be open next week Monday – Friday (except Thanksgiving day) from 11 am – 5 pm, and will be accepting donations of any useable, shelf-stable foods. As a reminder, the upcoming break is longer than usual, so you may want to consider donating food items that you don’t want to bring home with you.

Additionally, Waste Not will be collecting selected reusable items, please see the following information regarding Waste Not:

Room Condition
You can avoid incurring additional charges by doing the following:
Remove all personal belongings, recycling, compost, and trash. (Remember, this may take time – plan accordingly!). Please bring garbage to the dumpsters, recycling to the recycling bins, and take out any compost.
Don’t forget that you can recycle batteries, electronic waste, string lights, printer cartridges, pens/pencils/markers, and more in the bright green bins outside of Pi Café.

Compost Buckets
Empty the remaining contents of your bucket into a Wesleyan black composting bin and rinse out the bucket. Visit if you’ve forgotten where to bring your compost. Email if you have any questions.
All residents: Please bring your empty bucket with lid next to the nearest black bin to your residence no later than November 21st.
Residence Hall residents: Eco Facilitators will remove the bucket from your building over the break. If you have a compost jar that you will not want to keep, please notify your Eco Facilitator so that we can clean and reuse them.
Apartment and house residents: Please empty your bucket in the nearest black bin, rinse, and wash and leave the empty bucket partially uncovered so air can circulate. If you have a porch or other covered outdoor area, we recommend leaving it outside.

Waste Not
Donate selected reusable items to Waste Not by bringing them to the garage behind 44 Brainerd Ave (Womanist House) on Saturday, November 21st between 1-5 pm. We are ONLY collecting the following items: mirrors, fans, refrigerators, microwaves, lamps & decorations and are NOT accepting other items at this mid-semester collection. You can learn more via our Facebook post:

If you have any questions regarding closing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Kieran J. Duffy ( He, Him pronouns)
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Wesleyan University
237 High Street
Middletown, CT 06459
(860) 685-3429