Wesleyan’s First Annual Diversity Summit – 2/8

The Office for Equity & Inclusion is hosting the 1st Annual Diversity Summit on Monday, February 8, 2021. Click on this Zoom link all day for an exciting lineup of short presentations, interactive workshops, sharing & community brainstorming.


9:30 am – 11:15 am     Community Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Updates

Hear your friends, coworkers and members from all over Wesleyan share what they have done in their departments to further their understanding of how to promote social justice, equity and antiracism.  This will be an opportunity to share ideas and actions and take some to share with others. 

11:15am – 12:15 pm   What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?  Video and reflection:

A pre-recorded conversation of the Office for Equity & Inclusion team reflecting on equity & inclusion and what it means globally, at Wesleyan, and personally

12:15 pm – 1:50 pm    Keynote:  Decision Making from an Anti-Oppressive Lensa conversation and interactive workshop with Dr. Liza A. Talusan  

Commitment to diversity, inclusion and action are a community wide effort, and the work of the administrators, faculty, staff, students, advisors, counselors, and leaders can serve as both a springboard and a barrier to this work. In this interactive session, we will be engaging with definitions of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice as a way to root our actions and utilize an anti-oppression decision making framework for you to implement in your practice.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm      All-Campus Dialogue and Plenary Session

What are we taking away from today, how do we as a community move forward, what steps do you want to take? This is Wesleyan’s time to talk while we listen!

Join us on Monday for an exciting day of presentations and workshops by accessing the Zoom conference and using the password inclusion. The schedule is also available on the Equity and Inclusion website. We look forward to your participation!