Important Information About Thesis Registration

From: Susan Krajewski <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 11:26 AM
To: Susan Krajewski <>
Subject: Important Information About Thesis Registration

Dear Honors Candidate:

We are only two weeks away from the Thesis Registration deadline so I wanted to reach out with some last minute reminders.

First, the Thesis Registration links will open on Tuesday, April 20th at 8:00am and they will close on Wednesday, April 21st at 4pm.  You must upload and register your Honors thesis by 4pm on April 21st. 

Honors candidates have a special link in their Academics bucket in WesPortal called Honors Candidacy Status.  Currently when you click on that link, it shows the department(s) you are pursuing honors in, your tutor(s), and the readers who will evaluate your work. If any of that information is inaccurate please contact me immediately.  When the Thesis Registration link opens on April 20th, you will see a Submit Thesis button in the My Honors panel at the top of the screen.  Click that button to begin the registration process.  Please understand that the entire process does take some time, so we recommend that you begin the registration process no later than 3:30pm on April 21st to ensure you will complete all the necessary steps before the 4pm deadline.

If you are an artist or filmmaker who will not upload a written work in the Honors Management System, you can still submit a Thorndike Application to offset some of your expenses.  This year each student is entitled to a $60 reimbursement.  Students who upload a written work will automatically receive the $60 credit and do not need to apply.  Artists and filmmakers can access the Thorndike Application here and you must send it to me via email by the registration deadline to receive that funding.

Due to the ongoing covid situation, personal copies will not be ordered or bound as part of the registration process this year.  Students who wish to order bound personal copies for themselves, their families or their tutors, can do so via Thesis on Demand using this link. This service is offered by the same bookbindery that we use for our institutional copies.  You can use this link at any time to order extra copies in the future.  I will be responsible for binding the required copy for Olin Library and any department copies that are necessary.  Those will automatically be accounted for and calculated during the registration process. When requesting personal copies, if you want your thesis to match what Wesleyan binds, then select a black cover with gold lettering on the spine.  You are free to choose any colors you wish.

Good luck as you wrap up your thesis work.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  And remember, you can always go to this link for last-minute tips on preparing your thesis for registration.

Best–Susan Krajewski, Honors Coordinator