Reminder: Last Day to Change Grading Mode – 4/28

This is a friendly reminder that the last day to change the grading mode for courses with the student option is Wednesday, April 28th by 5pm, EST.

The deadline to withdraw from full-semester or 4th quarter courses is Wednesday, May 5th by 5pm, EST. Please see the details below for instructions.

Withdrawing from Courses

Some of you have already opted to withdraw from a course with a “W” on your academic history/transcript. A “W” is not punitive in nature; it just means you withdrew from a course after the drop/add deadline.

You may request to withdraw from a course by completing the withdrawal form and emailing it to me, your instructor, and your faculty advisor. I will not send forms to the Registrar for processing without hearing from your faculty advisor and instructor. Wednesday, May 5th by 5pm EST is the deadline to withdraw from full semester and/or 4th quarter courses. Check with your faculty advisor(s), Credit Analysis Report, and Gen Ed Report (where applicable) before you request to withdraw from any course.

Take care for now,

Dean Leathers